Women in Science  and Technology (WIST

Welcome to WIST

Women in Science and Technology is a non profit, non governmental, professional organization established in 1992. There are approx 445 members women working in the field of science & technology and graduates in science can be members of this organization. WIST was established to empower women scientists and technologists and to use their skill and knowledge to empower women and improve the livelihood of women in rural and urban areas. WIST is the only organization established by the women scientists of nepal. WIST will also bridge the gap in information and knowledge between educated women and women in rural areas. So that all can effectively and efficiently participate in economic development.

WIST is run by an executive committee elected by its members for 2 years. At present WIST is mainly working to improve the quality of life in rural areas focusing in income generating activities like Mushroom farming, community health, environmental conservation, organic farming, food processing and preservation, pest management and other fields.

The organization is committed to:

  • Enable women scientists and technologist to up scale their professional ability and efficiency through professional ability and efficiency through continous encouragement and needful support.
  • Enhance the hidden skill and knowledge of women scientists and technologists.
  • Encourage the women scientists and technologists to participate efficiently and effectively in the development of the country.
  • Empower the women in Nepal for the economic benefit and livelihood.